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Picture Taken by Artist Photographer Pat Morgan Dujat



Téléphone : +33 248 588004 +33 248 588004


Email : fabafrance@yahoo.fr









2022 - Chateau de la Verrerie : https://chateaudelaverrerie.com  July 1st thru September 30th 2022 


2020 -Artifact Gallery - 84 Orchid Street, Manhattan, New York, November 6th - November 30th, 2020 

2020 - Boricua College, 3755 Broadway, Manhattan, New York - October 1st - October 31st, 2020

2018 - Rainforest Foundation - Marlene Yu Museum March 3rd - April 6th , 2018

2017 -  Gallerique - Chicago -  January, 2017 - January,  2018  http://connect.gallerique.com/artist/all-artists/faba-fouret.html

2015 - Second Time Around  The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (www.MSV.org), in Winchester, Virginia, USA,     September 7, 2014 be on exhibit through March 1, 2015 www.msv.org

2015 -  Museum of the Americas - Miami Florida - November 20th - December 5th  - Honoring Master Artist  Xavier Carbonell 

2015 - Village Aubigny Sur Nere, France - Sculptures by  Rosa Serra will be exhibiting  all around the Village from April 3rd - September 20th Rosa Serra  smaller size sculptures will be at the François 1er Gallery - Curator Faba

2014 - The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (www.MSV.org), in Winchester, Virginia, USA, September 7, 2014,  be on exhibit through March 1, 2015. www.themsv.org/news-room/second-time-around-hubcap-art-opens 

2014 - Chateau De Stuarts , Aubigny sur Nere, France - Curator for Artist: Xavier Carbonell and Erica Fromme June 20th - July 20th

2014 -  Crisolat Gallery - March 29-April 17:  "II Don Quixote de la Mancha Award" at Crisolart Galleries in Barcelona (Spain).

2014  Museum of the Americas  -March 14- April 5: " Women in the Arts 2014". Exhibition celebrating the International Women Month with the participation of 45 women from 20 countries, including 23 from the "Women's Art World" Association from Casablanca (Morocco).

2013 - SCULPTURES OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - Chicago , Festival Hall, Navy Pier - November 1 - 3- Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery  : Website www.sofaexpo.com 

2013 - Angel Orensanz Foundation  - 172 Norfolk Street, New York NY, 10002:   opening reception Thursday, July 25th 7p through  11p  : RSVP to: annielaurie@see.me , show continues until September  10th, 2013  

2012 -Feria International de Arte - Cuidad Miramar - Buenos Aires Argentina - March 3 - 24th

2012 - Feria Internacional de Arte - Mar Del Sur - Buenos Aires -  Argentina - 14 January - February 18

2011 - Biblioteque Maurice Geneve - Brinon Sur Sauldre - France - November 25 - January 1, 2012  http://www.brinon.fr/bibliotheque.html

2011 -Barak-art Sala De Exposiciones - Cuidad de Rosario, Santa Fe - Argentina - November 5 - 30

2011 - Centro  Cultural Provincial Teatro Ideal, Cuidad de Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe - Argentina - September 2 - October 2

2011 - SCULPTURES OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - Santa Fe, New Mexico - August 4th - 7th -  Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery  : Website www.sofaexpo.com 

2011 - Museum of the Americas - Doral, Florida - July 8th - 30th - IV International Contemporary Art

2011 Museo de Arte Internacional Antonio Gualda de SÃO GONÇALO DO RIO ABAIXO ( Brasil ) - Permanent  Collection

2010 La Galería O+O -  Valencia - Spain - 10 de Diciembre al 8 de Enero 2011 Inauguración 10 de Diciembre a las 20:00 horas http://www.galeriaomaso.com/

2010 - SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - Chicago, November 5 - 7 -Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery - Navy Pier: Web: www.sofaexpo.com 

2010 - Galerie Artitude - Espace Pierre Cardin, October 14 - 17 - Paris - France - Website : http://www.artitudeparis.com  

2010 Museo International Contemporaneo "Antonio Gualda" - Durango, Mexico - Opening July 18, 2010  http://literatyart.galeon.com/id20.htm

2010 III Bienal De Arte MIAB - Madeira - June - July 31st - Opening Night June 15th - 2010http:///www.galeriaomaso/link/BIENAL-MADEIRA/Bienal.htm

2010 PERMANENT COLLECTION - LANDFILLART PROYECT -  Website:    http://www.landfillart.org/index-1.html  

2010 -  May 10th - 16th - Fellini Gallery  - 339 Changle Lu #15 (near Xiangyang Lu) Shanghai 200031 , China     http://www.fellinigallery.com

2010 RAINFOREST ART FOUNDATION - Long Island City, NY. - April10th - Opening April 10th 3-6pm  Website: ://rainforestartfoundation.org

2009 - SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - Chicago, November 6 - 9 -Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery - Navy PierWeb: www.sofaexpo.com 

2009 - Chateau De Stuarts - (City Hall) Solo Show - June 20th July 20th Sologne, France

2009 - Brick Lane Gallery - Art in Mind - April 29th - May11th - London, England

2011 Rainforest Art Foundation - Earth Day April 22 - 6-9 pm Openning - New YorkLong Island City, NY.  Website: ://rainforestartfoundation.org

2009 - Permanent Collection - Galeria O+O - Oriente  & Occidente Gestion cultural - Valencia Spain - Website :http://galeriaomaso.com/ 

2008 - November - SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - CHICAGO, Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery - Navy Pier, : Website www.sofaexpo.com 

2008- Enriqueta Hueso Gallery -Oriente & Occidente Gestión Cultural- September 19 - October 20th - Valencia - Spain Websitehttp://www.galeriaomaso.com/ - Work added to her permanent Collection

2008- September 1 - 30  .M!WAA New Art Center - 580 8th Avenue, Manhattan, NY - Website:  www.cannyc.com

2008 - May 1st - June 27th, 2008 -  BNP PARIBAS BANK - Solo Show,  4 Locations:   La Charite,  Nevers Colbert,  Corbigny -  NEVERS,  France

2007 -  SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - CHICAGO, Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery - Navy Pier, November 1 - 4, 2007  Booth  1505: Website www.sofaexpo.com 

2007 - July 1st - July 31st  - SLOVAQUIA - Bratislava - Galerie Michalsky DVORS - Galerie Artitude Website :www.gallery.sk   www.artitudeparis.com

2007 - July 10th - August 4th, 2007 - .M!WAA New Art Center - 580 8th Avenue, New York, NY - Openning Reception July 12th, 2007  Website:  www.cannyc.com

2007 - May 8th - June 3, 2007  WIA- WOMEN IN THE ARTS FOUNDATION PRESENTS:  Inner Bridges to Outer Scenes -VENEZUELAN CENTER:  7 East 51st Street, New York, NY - Opening Reception May 10th - May 8th - June 3rd, 2007

2007 - March 11th, 2007   CASTILLO D'AYALA VALVA de CAROSINO - SGUARDI DI DONNA EXPO with the Assoziacione culturale SEMATA de Taranto (Italy) Website: http://es.geocities.com/acvra_2000/id6.htm 

2006- 2007 - M!WAA -NEW ART CENTER - 580 8th Avenue, New York, NY - September 2006 - September 2007 -     Website www.miwaa.org

2006 -SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - CHICAGO, Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery - Navy Pier, November 9 - 12, 2006 Booth   Website www.sofaexpo.com

2006 - SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - NEW YORK, Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery - ARMORY - 67th Street and Park Avenue, May 31, - June 4th 2006     Website: www.sofaexpo.com   

2006 - WOMEN IN THE ARTS FOUNDATION - GROUP SHOW, Tribeca Grill,   Tribeca -   New York,   May 20  - June 20, 2006   Website www.anny.org

2006 - VIA ANTICA - 11 Rue Jacob, St. Germain-Paris, France - October 2005 - April 2006       Websitewww.sorayafeder.com

2005 - COMPTOIR DU MARAIS - 8 Rue du Moussy, Paris - France, September 12 - 25, 2005- Solo Show

2005 - ASIAN FUSION GALLERY - RAIN FOREST ART FOUNDATION - Asian Culture Building, 15 East 40th Street, New York, NY - September 9 - October 2,   Website: www.acclub.org/exhibitions   http://rainforestartfoundation.org

2005 - SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - NEW YORK, Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery - ARMORY - 67th Street and Park Avenue, June 1 -5 , 2005   Website: www.sofaexpo.com

2005 - ART CONTEMPORARY - SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART - SOFA - PALM BEACH, Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery - FLorida Palm Beach Convention Center, Palm Beach, Florida - January 13 - 17, 2005  Website:www.sofaexpo.com

2004 - SCULPTURE OBJECTS FUNCTIONAL ART- SOFA - CHICAGO, Artempresa  Gallery, Festival Hall, Navy Pier,    November 4-7, 2004    Website: www.sofaexpo.com

2004 - FRANCIS CLEMENT GALLERY - 3 Rue des Piliers,  Sancerre - France - June 2004 - March 2005 - Solo Show

2004 - LE CAFE DES LETTRES - 53 Rue de Verneuil, St. Germain - Paris, France - May 1 - 31,  2004  - SOLO SHOW- July 1 - 30, 2004  -SOLO SHOW Website: www.cafedeslettres.com 

2003 - CARNEGIE-ELLSWORTH MUSEUM - 520 Rocksylvania Avenue, Iowa Falls, IOWA "Permanenet Collection" Opening   May 3, 2003  

2003 - CADOGAN TATE -41-20 39th Street, Sunnyside, New York. January 2003 - June 2005 Solo Show

2003 - AMSTERDAM WHITNEY FINE ART GALLERY- 511 West 25th Street,  Chelsea,  New York -January 18, 2003 - January 2004    Website: www.amsterdamwhitneygallery.com

2002- NEW YORK INDEPENDENT ART FAIR - PLAZA HOTEL-Central Park South, NY. - January 15 - 19, 2002 Website www.newyorkindependentartfair.com           







Whitehot Magazine


"Nature in Art at the Rainforest Art Foundation"

"Maria Faba Fouret’s Rainforest is peculiarly comic, as the frogs that sit in its pond and the birds that sit on its leaves suggests.  Its spiky leaves are figures of fun, confirming that for Fouret the Rainforest is a kind of funhouse in which all kinds of flora and fauna breed and flourish. The air of delight in Fouret’s work suggests that she thinks the idea of the death of nature is overblown.      

It seems noteworthy that all the artists in the exhibition are women, suggesting that women care for nature more than men do, and that men alone are responsible for its exploitation and devastation, that is, for the rape of Mother Nature. WM

Art Critic 




Donald Kuspit is one of America’s most distinguished art critics. In 1983 he received the prestigious Frank Jewett Mather Award for Distinction in Art Criticism, given by the College Art Association. In 1993 he received an honorary doctorate in fine arts from Davidson College, in 1996 from the San Francisco Art Institute, and in 2007 from the New York Academy of Art. In 1997 the National Association of the Schools of Art and Design presented him with a Citation for Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts. In 1998 he received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2000 he delivered the Getty Lectures at the University of Southern California. In 2005 he was the Robertson Fellow at the University of Glasgow. In 2008 he received the Tenth Annual Award for Excellence in the Arts from the Newington-Cropsey Foundation. In 2013 he received the First Annual Award for Excellence in Art Criticism from the Gabarron Foundation. He has received fellowships from the Ford Foundation, Fulbright Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, Guggenheim Foundation, and Asian Cultural Council, among other organizations.


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‘Nature in Art’ opens at Rainforest Art Foundation in Long Island City

By Merle Exit



"Fouret, from France, used oil on canvas for her stunning piece, “Rainforest 2006.” At first glance, the painting appears to be the top of someone’s head with a background of a forest. The hair, however, is composed of hundreds of long-stemmed flowers and each eye depicts a frog in a pond.

“The idea is to present a vision and modern materials,” Fouret said. “Without these materials, we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves, imagine a world without a rainforest.”



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Diari Gerona

The Museum of the Americas homenatja Xavier Carbonell La Heights Art Studios & Gallery de Miami (EUA) també ret tribut al malaguanyat artista olotí 08.12.2015 | 00:00 [Xavier Carbonell.] Xavier Carbonell. ddg GIRONA | DDG El malaguanyat artista olotí Xavier Carbonell va fer-se un nom en el mercat de l'art dels Estats Units. L'activa presència en sales d'art nordamericanes que va dur a terme les darreres dècades troba ara una recompensa pòstuma amb l'exposició Tribute to Xavier Carbonell, organitzada per The Museum o the Americas i Heights Art Studios & Gallery. Nombrosos artistes participen aportant la seva obra en aquesta exposició, físicament visitable al Museum of the Americas de Miami, a Florida, en homenatge a un artista que va treballar incansablement per internacionalitzar un estil molt propi de pintura urbana i també de figura humana, fins que l'estiu passat, als 73 anys d'edat, li va sobrevenir la mort. La seva vídua, l'escultora Rosa Serra, ha fet arribar la informació dels artistes participants a l'exposició de Miami, entre els quals hi ha Luisa Barabas (Hongria), Eduardo Canitrot (Perú), Celestino (Puerto Rico), María Isabel De Lince (Colòmbia), Adolfina de Stefani (Itàlia), Susana Díaz Rivera (Mèxic), Ilde Mar Donaire, Juan Eizaguirre i Eliseo Ferrandis (els tres d'Espanya), Raquel Fossati (Uruguay), Faba Fouret (França), Frans Frengen (Bèlgica), Dorvil Hunseul (República Dominicana), Michael Kaphengst (Alemanya), Ricardo Mata (Panamà), Corinne Medina Saludo (França), Victoria Melero Pradas (Espanya), Elisa Morera (Costa Rica), Domingo Parada (Bolívia/EUA), Rosienid Pere i Javier Rodríguez (Puerto Rico), Juan Carlos Ruiz Rocha (Nicaragua), Luz Sánchez (Uruguay), Michèle Vert-Nibet (França) i, naturalment, una obra del propi Xavier Carbonell.ml

The creative force is unstoppable. It is a force of humanity, of inspiration and dedication. It is universal. This summer you are invited to celebrate “The Story of the Creative”. Please join us for the opening reception: Thursday, July 25th 7p through 11p The show continues through September 10th. Complimentary Cocktails Provided by Absolut Vodka See.Me is proud to present a selection of our members representing over 100 different nations. This exquisite collection of work features a diverse range of mediums, styles, influences, and inspirations. The work displayed will include sculpture, works on paper in one of the most exquisite venues in New York City. Angel Orensanz Foundation 172 Norfolk Street, New York NY, 10002 Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/jhfft RSVP to: annielaurie@see.me

Today, World Environment Day of the United Nations—an annual celebration to encourage positive environmental action—is the perfect time to inform you that the artwork you created and donated to the Landfillart Project will be included in the exhibition Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art. The exhibition will open September 7, 2014, at The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (MSV), in Winchester, Virginia, USA, and be on exhibit through March 1, 2015. Yours is one of 287 objects selected out of more than 1,000 artworks now in the Landfillart Collection. The exhibition presents work from artists in every U.S. state and 35 other countries. The dense, visually exciting installation has a strong environmental message and will incorporate WASTE NOT from the Green Revolution “eco-zibit,” which is based on an exhibition originally created by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, and its Black Creativity Council and made available by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. MSV marketing strategy will seek to generate publicity for the exhibition beginning very close to the opening, for strong word of mouth at that time. We will announce the list of artists in its entirety late this summer but are alerting artists individually now, to allow sufficient time for travel planning. Opening festivities will include a Member Party (to which all artists are invited) from 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturday evening, September 6 ($20 per person; cash bar) and Opening Day on Sunday, September 7, to which all exhibition artists will receive free admission. Winchester is in the Shenandoah Valley, 72 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. The Valley is one of the most scenic areas of the United States; the sweeping vistas of nearby Shenandoah National Park and its Skyline Drive attract thousands of visitors annually from around the world.








Press Release




- landfillart.org/faba/

- themsv.org/news-room/second-time-around-hubcap-art-opens

- themsv.org/news-room/nearly-300-professional-artists-around-globe-selected-exhibition-opening-september-7

- themsv.org/press-room/museum-shenandoah-valley-present-second-time-around-hubcap-art




Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester Virginia

III BIENAL DE ARTE MIAB - Madeira - June 15th - July st - Opening Night 15th June, 2010 Website: http://www.galeriaomaso.com/links/BIENAL-MADEIRA/bienal.htm http://www.galeriaomaso.com/ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrcTx8j2A4c


Value of the imagination The color, the volume and the textures are the main protagonists in the work of the artist FABA. With these three elements it represents Faba paintings as well as her sculptural work. We find gestural lines of chromatic harmony in her brushstrokes as in her molds. Faba creates pieces that break borders as they speak in a form that we can understand and live art, utilizing the painting and the sculpture as an expression of feelings and a way of perceiving the world. FABA treats her work with bravery. Creating mysterious, original, impressive, unknown, and unusual pieces. At the same time, they all perceive a sensation of elegance and grace, that makes them unmistakable. A sample of the imagination in movement, shades of intense colors and electrifying contours. Forms and full plans of spontaneity, smoothness and brilliant waves. A work that is nourished by the fire of the light and color, treating it with passion, emotions and temperament. In which we can discover a loaded background of reminiscences of mosaics and crafts. Faba painting surprises us with a full abstraction of light, color and volume. The images represented are inflamed thanks to the layers of color and the objects incorporated. Energy beatings brushstrokes that compose full pieces of rhythm and musicality. Enigmatic series and repetitions of highly symbolic degree that invite us to a trip through abstract, biological or astronomical forms. A full almost hypnotic rhythm of imbalances that creates a species of tense calm (calm tense), and hides a reflexive will. Faba paintings that have the capacity to intrigue us, with her thick oil lines that reveal the general sense naif of her work. Vibrant textures influenced by the cities of Seville, Madrid and Washington, where she grew up and the artist was formed. Her pictorial work is a hybrid between painting and sculpture of base-relief, where each creation is seen completed by the juxtaposition of objects and material, rich oils in oils and pigments accentuated with brilliantine, flora and sand. Faba last works in sculpture are the result of a coherent evolution in her work. If her painting has always been characterized for a conception of materialistic, why not to take a step forward to the three dimensions. Faba sculptures that show a lot of paint, just like her paintings speak with the relief. Faba models her painting and draws her sculptures. The sculptures of FABA are shaped, cooked and painted by hand with reverberant colors, creating some figures, that form a way of caricature, they portray the current world. Just like her paintings, we see as in her sculptural work also explores with the dimensions and textures. Busts or simply busts of necks stylized that transport us to an ambiguous and multiracial world, always with a touch of humor. Representations of a various group stereotyped of personages as the prostitutes, bullfighters, Indian, military, African princes... The work of FABA is, in all the senses, a brave bet by her imagination, being set apart of a realistic vision. A work where we find homages and references, allusions and winks to different artists and to the personal life of the author. Oscar García García Licenciado en Historia del Arte y Especialista en Valoraciones Artísticas Polyphonic Abandon in the Work of Faba By D.F.Colman )

Fired by an elemental understanding of the flow of the unconscious, Faba’s polyphonic paintings have a thoroughgoing sense of elegance and grace. In her Abstraction Series Faba activates the picture plane with just the barest flicker of an internalised intensity, a slow burn of recognition ignites the imagery due to the artist’s incremental (and often extremely gingerly) layering of her brush strokes and incorporated objects. Once applied in what appears to be a mental state of nuance control the artist’s colors and febrile contours take shape within Faba's worlds in which horizons, edges and the unseen world in general is manipulated in order to get our imaginations moving. The result is electrifying. Art, like life, rests within its details and Faba has a strong grasp of the importance of applying contrasts in her work in order to jump-start the imagination of the beholder. In works such as Abstraction Series #1 where the saturated picture plane is filled with surges of energetic and involute brush strokes the artist has produced an imagistic rendering of dots and striation strewn against an undifferentiated color filled background. The renderings of shapes and outlines which might generally be related to the retinal recognition of objects in Faba’s work might be seen as equivalent to Sartre's imaginative consciousness. As he states in his The Psychology of the Imagination, it presents itself as a spontaneity which produces and holds on to the object." By contrast, Faba’s diffused background on which rests her slightly undulating, patterns may be seen as equivalent with Sartre's "perceptual consciousness" in which it is characterized as appear[ing] to itself as passive." The interplay between both forms of knowingness produces spontaneity which saturates Faba’s Abstract Series with a soft and bright intensity. Faba charges her work with intimations of play and poignant longing for time passing. There is a metaphysical sense of anxiety that pervades this moody work in which implied oppositions are put into play. The suggestion of eternal recurrence, so valorised by Nietzsche in his "Ecce Homo", seems particularly noteworthy in this work. Here the affirmation of passing away and destroying and the implication of the unconditional and infinitely repeated cyclical course of all things pervades this imagistic painting. In Abstract Series, what is perhaps her most enigmatic work, Faba's attempts to conflate the space of representation with that mysterious non-mimetic "other space" assigned to the mystery of looking itself. The role of a collective unseen, therefore, is played against that which is demarcated and de notated. A slippage of yet complementary viewpoints predominates in these remarkable works as a quality which Gombrich calls "perceptual inter-subjectivity" prevails. This inter-subjective bias, (as Merleau-Ponty describes it) means that each and every viewer possesses an

Loli la prostituta
JJ Pimp4

Photograph and Video by Pat Morgan Dujat

i> Experimental _film Inspired by my love for the amazing talent of Faba Fouret http://www.fabashop.com/index.html Directed by Pat Morgan Dujat. From three magnificent paintings, including LoLi - La Prostituta : the characters appear and disappear constantly as a kind of love's trance. " I have energetically played with the keys of my iMac ! After first listen, I chose to keep this kind of flamenco's brutal style ! A spontaneous desire : my own vision of these beautiful canvas, like a " love's struggle " between two girls and one man. " Loli - The prostituta " remains the central element, with around her a kind of battle, almost maddening .. may be the other two characters want to hunt Loli of the screen ? ! i have used a fast rate : the heartbeat's acceleration when you are falling love .. that is an impossible situation !! .. olé ! This experimental film is part of my live & tactile new approach : no post-production intervention. A delicate exercise, totally improvised .. a little bite " underground ", like i love ! May be the nostalgia of the psychédélic part of my life, when we created several amazing " Light - shows " at the Modern Art Museum of Paris. For me, the digital appearance of iphone-cam's images with presence of pixels does not matter, in fact, it gives a visual impact which will remain in our collective memory as the beginning of the XXI century, marked by the expansion of computers and smartphones." Pat Morgan Dujat . 08 . 2012

http://www.galeriaomaso.com/ "TEMPS DE DONES" Del 10 de Diciembre al 8 de Enero 2011 Inauguración 10 de Diciembre a las 20:00 horas La Galería O+O de Valencia presenta para estas fiestas navideñas el proyecto solidario “TEMPS DE DONES”. Una exposición colectiva en la que participan un total de 12 mujeres y que pretende ser un llamamiento contra la violencia de género. Parte de las ganancias que se produzcan en esta muestra irán destinadas a mujeres que sufren cualquier tipo de violencia. La exhibición se caracteriza por la presencia de obras de pequeño formato y precio económico. De este modo, se pretende fomentar la venta de estas obras solidarias convirtiéndolas en el mejor regalo para estas Navidades. Solidaridad, Arte Femenino y Navidades se unen en este proyecto de Oriente & Occidente Gestión Cultural, en busca de concienciar a la sociedad de uno de los problemas de nuestra actualidad. Gracias al trabajo artístico realizado por las artistas participantes en la muestra: Cuca Balaguer, Diana Franco, Consuelo Cardenal, Mirtya Huizzi, Faba, Xaro Bonilla, Paloma Delbreil, Mª Justa Rayego, Azahara Mortes, Ana Castañer, Mónica Cerrada, Itziar Nazabal. Las obras realizadas por este grupo de artistas internacionales presentan un gran abanico de géneros y técnicas, pudiendo encontrar desde pinturas, esculturas o grabados hasta libros de autor o cajas de luz. Los materiales utilizados también son de los más variados y sugerentes, presentando impresiones sobre metacrilato, papel hecho a mano, esculturas de gress, piezas de madera, etc. Cuca Balaguer nos presenta los resultados de su investigación sobre el papel con libros de autor y grabados impresos en papel hecho a mano. Los vibrantes colores inundan las pinturas de la artista mexicana Diana Franco. Las impresiones pigmentadas sobre papel y metacrilato en forma de polípticos son obra de la artista de proyección internacional Consuelo Cardenal. La artista venezolana Mirtya Huizzi nos muestra sus grabados realizados con la técnica collagraph. Faba desde París trae a esta exposición sus obras más autobiográficas, pinturas inéditas unidas a cajas de música. La artista Xaro Bonilla con sus esculturas y grabados nos adentra en su especial forma de vivir el Arte. Paloma Delbreil, artista que nos acerca una serie de esculturas en cristal de pequeño formato. Mª Justa Rayego presenta cajas de luz que incluyen grabados en su interior y grabados monotipos. Las esculturas de pared realizadas en gres por Azahara Mortes nos hablan de la mujer utilizando símbolos que aluden a temas como la maternidad. Ana Castañer deja de lado sus acuarelas para presentarnos sus nuevas pinturas llenas de color y materia. La pintura más reciente de Mónica Cerrada se torna sólida y sus colores se vuelven protagonistas. La pintora Itziar Nazabal nos sorprende con una composición formada por ocho cuadros donde el color estalla ante nosotros. Óscar García García


Las obras del artista FABA pasan de manera permanente al Museo de Arte Internacional Antonio Gualda de SÃO GONÇALO DO RIO ABAIXO ( Brasil )Museo de Arte Internacional Antonio Gualda de SÃO GONÇALO DO RIO ABAIXO - Brazil Permanent Collection

Birds of Paradise

Autora (Author): Faba. New York (EEUU / USA) Título (Title): "Birds of Paradise - Blue" Oil on Canvas PRIMER PREMIO de PINTURA GRAN TAMAñO First Prize - LARGE Size Comentario: Inusual. Extraña. Sobrecogedora y llena de misterio. Si no se conoce el título de esta pintura, miles de interrogantes podrán asaltar al espectador que la contemple. Ése es uno de los mejores (en mi opinión) aderezos del Arte: su capacidad para intrigarnos; cuanto más tiempo, mejor. Conociéndose el título, la intencionalidad de la autora todavía puede picar más nuestra curiosidad: "Pájaros del Paraíso, en azul", más o menos, se nos dice en inglés... Un título muy descriptivo para una pintura sumamente abstracta, en la que sólo los ramalazos azules parecen corresponderse con aquél. Abstracción casi completa, aliñada de gruesos y trabajados regueros de óleo (por otra parte, cuidadosamente trabajados, y de unos dos centímetros de grosor). Son tiras de pintura que nos transparentan el sentido naíf general de esta pintura. Una obra muy valiente. Antonio Gualda. Granada, Noviembre de 2006. Commentary: Unusual, strange, moving and full of mystery. If the title of this painting was unknown, the spectator would ponder a thousand questions. This is one of the most interesting elements of the piece; its capacity to intrigue which only seems to widen over time. On identifying the title, the intention of the author still stimulates our curiosity: "Birds of Paradise - Blue"... A very descriptive title for an extremely abstract painting. It’s an example of almost complete abstraction, flavored with thick paint and oil drips, while on the other hand carefully worked with two centimeter thick paint. They are painting strips that are transparent the general naïf sense of this painting. A very brave work. Antonio Gualda. Granada

Boricua College in Manhattan, New York

 Museo International Contemporaneo "Antonio Gualda" - Durango, Mexico - Opening July 18, 2010  http://literatyart.galeon.com/id20.htm



Museo de Arte Internacional Antonio Gualda de SÃO GONÇALO DO RIO ABAIXO - Brazil

Museo International Contemporaneo "Antonio Gualda" - Durango, Mexico

Boricua College - Manhattan, New York

Trading Places - Paris, France           

Alphonse Mellot - Sancerre, France     

Carnegie Ellsworth Museum- Iowa Falls, Iowa - USA

Associacion Cultural "Valentin Ruiz Aznar" - Granada, Spain

Romanos Brihi London - Residential Design & Development - London, England

Galeria O+O - Valencia, Spain

Rainforest Art Foundation Long Island City, New York

Private Collectors  - Europe, USA, South America, Latin America





















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